Wednesday, October 31, 2007

rules of the blog

i have revamped the new blog, and changed some things around. it's still a lot of me ranting, and well more ranting but there will be some fun new things too. im adding pictures (not today but eventually) this way when things start to get crazy in this hectic life of mine you will always know what i'm up to! before you begin the journey through my blog though you must understand the rules. (no it's not like radio control where i make up the rules)

Rules of the Blog:
1. you can't post mean comments!
2. you can't hound me for updates to the blog (hint hint nat)
3. rules are subject to change via whenever i feel like it!
4. you can't take anything i say personally.
5. i hate capitalization so deal

those are the rules for now, as you know i change my mind a lot so if i feel like changing the rules i will.

i have a lot to update yall on so this post might be longer than the rest. ihave been very busy these past few weeks so i will update yall on what I have been doing. work has been crazy busy, a few weeks ago we had a mini-tax return deadline for extensions. it was crazinesss and I am not quite sure iwill survive tax season! i think things will be better organized in my life then, so i'll be okay but still. i will survive tax season because i get overtime! ha ha. things at work are still ho hum, i am not a huge fan of my boss, which makes me feel bad because she gave me a sweet moving into my apartment gift (pedicure gift certif.) but she just doesn't motivate me and the biggest kicker i have no respect for the woman. which is really hard because that's a HUGE thing for me. enough about work let's talk about something exciting, (no not shoes) my travels.

these past few weeks i have done so much traveling it's crazy. we went to sugar mountain in north carolina, beautiful... i just got back from chicago this past weekend for cousin lisas' wedding, she looked fantastic. it is a dress only someone with her figure could pull off, hence why i should start working out but we all know that won't happen. we won't get into that right now as that's a sore subject. i will have pictures posted from the wedding as soon as i can find time to upload them. i documented almost the whole trip for nanny. she couldn't come so i wanted her to feel like she was there. aren't i such a good grandchild? (hold the applause) i drove my mom nuts with all the pictures but hey whatever it's for nanny.

ok i have to get back to work but i will post more later

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