Sunday, November 21, 2010

Hello Again!

Dear 12 Followers,
  I am sorry that it has taken me so long to post but life is BUSY! Not to mention everytime I start to post something it become this angry, angry, rant about the lack of funding for school, trying to make ends meet, and well feeling not super cute.  My school is still not getting the money, attention, etc it needs and I am getting frustrated!  There was a recent article about a local magnet school and how other schools in the district should be like Classen (well HELLO if all schools could pick and choose their kids then we'd all be alike!) Our library is no longer under water (aka sewage) but is still closed.  They ripped up the carpeting and are putting in tile or staining the concrete, but apparently they got busy because they stopped and everything is in the halls minus the books.  Those are locked in the library! I went to the National Middle School Conference a few weeks ago and it was AMAZING.  I loved it! I went 11 people from work, and well the Conference was just fantastic.  I learned quite a bit, got to know some people I work with, and got a bunch of free stuff for my class! ha ha... I will blog later about a few things I learned but it's Sunday which means I need to finish my lessons for this two day week. 

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