Sunday, April 17, 2011

State Testing

state testing starts tomorrow.  what does one do for a lesson when you know that you should be teaching your kids, but you know that their brains aren't working anymore.  I don't have a class until 4th period which is after lunch and that's already difficult without the state testing zombies.

i should be teaching them, but my poor kids have had enough and i don't want stress them out even more.  last year i made a test for the movie "remember the titans" and i think this year we're going to bring it out again.  i'm even going to give them guided notes so they can watch and learn at the same time.  we're doing a unit on the civil rights movement so this should go along with it.  what do you think?

Thursday, April 14, 2011

random tidbits of the day...

my ipad is coming in the mail tomorrow!!! apparently mr.b's came today while we were at work but fed ex didn't leave the note on the door so it's a good thing i'm a bit stalkerish.

i have decided to take the math and administrator certification this summer so wish me luck!

we found a new place to live.  we will sign the lease on saturday so i'll post more after that. i'm super excited.

we still have no air conditioning at school and state testing starts monday. did i mention the high today was 88 degrees? i love spring time in oklahoma.

wedding pictures are on facebook so i will post them here soon when i get time.  i have been getting caught up on grading the past few days.

happy almost friday blogger friends!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

it's going to take me three weeks to recover from three days off work..

I had a sub last week from Wednesday to Friday due to some health issues (i'm fine) but i'm not sure my classroom is.  i came back yesterday and couldn't find the kids work (i left packets for them to do!), my room was a diaster, the stage in my room was a diaster, and my desk is usually a disaster but it was worse.  my students told me the sub had them read for 3 days straight.  well, i came to school wed. to make sure they had work to do , i met with the sub to explain the work that needed to be done, and two of my classes are 90 minutes long so seriously you read for 3 days!  State testing starts next week so i'm a little stressed, angry, and irritated.  I tried to go back to work on Wednesday but wasn't allowed due to my back and the doctor telling me no work until Monday but I still feel guilty about how my kids may or may not due on the big test next week.  (i'll post more on that later) I am so frustated right now that i can't even spell or type correctly (so sorry for the mispelling) plus I'm trying to type this without my glasses on which is always entertaining.  before i head off to school i need to tell you the best part about this sub, he apparently kept trying to fall asleep in my class.  really who can do that while there are a bunch of middle schoolers in the room? i know my kids and even when they are quiet they aren't that quiet. 

happy tuesday!!!

Monday, April 4, 2011

you know you are a 7th grade english teacher when...

you start to write an email, letter, text, etc and worry about spelling and grammar

you judge other people on their spelling, grammar, diction, etc.

you can't stop buying books for your classroom library (you have a pile of those books on your night stand!)

you come home from school and have regressed to being 13 again

your students make you laugh (when they aren't supposed to)

you get confused for being a middle schooler by the principal

you see the joy in your students face when they get their first A on a test, assignment, etc.

you have to tell two students they can't sit together because they are dating

you have to take away scissor privileges because your children can't sit still

you go to work everyday knowing that today will be different than yesterday

you go to work knowing that one kid will find a book they love, understand a homework assignment or sit still

you love watching your students change from little kids to teenagers and back to little kids all within one class period

Sunday, April 3, 2011

i want

i want to be able to speak out on education issues without having to fear losing my job!

i want to be able to change the world

i want to be more social

i want to find a home not just a house/apartment whatever

i want to get myself out of debt

i want to know where i will be in one year both career and living

i want to know where i'll be in one month with both career and living arrangements

i want my papers to grade themselves

i want to stop feeling so negative nelly

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