Monday, April 4, 2011

you know you are a 7th grade english teacher when...

you start to write an email, letter, text, etc and worry about spelling and grammar

you judge other people on their spelling, grammar, diction, etc.

you can't stop buying books for your classroom library (you have a pile of those books on your night stand!)

you come home from school and have regressed to being 13 again

your students make you laugh (when they aren't supposed to)

you get confused for being a middle schooler by the principal

you see the joy in your students face when they get their first A on a test, assignment, etc.

you have to tell two students they can't sit together because they are dating

you have to take away scissor privileges because your children can't sit still

you go to work everyday knowing that today will be different than yesterday

you go to work knowing that one kid will find a book they love, understand a homework assignment or sit still

you love watching your students change from little kids to teenagers and back to little kids all within one class period

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Katie K. said...

I love this! I cannot wait to have my own classroom this coming fall, really hoping I get to stay in the 6th grade english class that I am in for the rest of the year, but we will see!

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