Sunday, October 31, 2010

Friday, October 29, 2010


Today is the Friday before Halloween... we are Iowa Testing... the kids can be out of dress code...

That is how I will be by 7th period today!! I hope everyone has a Happy Friday!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Top 5 Reasons I love being a teacher!

5.  Fall Break
4. Winter Break
3. Thanksgiving Break
2. Spring Break
1. Summer Break

I love my job! We are on fall break so I will be busy with grading and grading but also spending time with my parents! See you on Sunday!

Thursday, October 14, 2010


Dear 12 friends,
  I am back! I wish I could say that I was off traveling the world or busy with some exciting stories but I was busy with volleyball, work, and more work.  I had volleyball all last week and for a girl who never really played sports after the 4th grade this has been interesting.  I haven't been able to get home from work until after 6:00 and that's no fun!  Tucker isn't sure who his mommy is but as I type this he's crawling all over me so I'm pretty sure he's learning.  I have been busy trying new things at work and well they aren't working very well but I am going to keep trying.  I hate having to move so fast but it's what I am supposed to do so I will keep on trucking.  I have to start tutoring my students too but I can't decide the best way to do that.  Do you have any ideas? I have to to tutor 10 students but I don't want more than 2 students at a time because then I can't help them the way I want to.  I tutored 4 kids today after school and I won't lie I am not quite sure I was helpful but I sure did try.  Do you ever feel that you aren't helping?  I don't know how to help these kids and I want to help them but how?  I am at school early, I stay late but my lessons aren't the best and I need to know how to make science information interesting.  Our new ACT program is BORING!  I am teaching my students about science but I know NOTHING about it.  My kids actually revolted on Monday and wanted to know why they were learning about science when I was supposed to be teaching them English.  The funny thing was that we had spent our Monday morning meeting discussing that we had to keep the kids enthusiastic and interested but how do I do that when I don't understand what is going on.  I hate not knowing!  What do you think?  

Monday, October 4, 2010

Things I am

I promised to follow up the things I am not with the things I am post and well here it is.

I am the most organized, messy person you will ever meet. Even I can't explain that!
I am best friends with my mom.
I am daddy's little girl and doubt that will ever change.
I am learning how to live with a boy.
I am learning how to share and not take over all the space.
I am a lover of books, books, and more books.
I love shopping!
I love teaching.
I am getting married in less than 5 months.
I am proud to say that I am Jewish.
I am proud to say that I worked hard to achieve my goals.
I am the world's worst sleeper.
I am sad that certain friends have left my life.
I am sad that certain friends won't leave my life.
I am sad that certain friends have left without saying goodbye.
I am sad that my grandmother who was my best friend isn't here to see her baby get married.
I am sad that nanny never got to meet David because she would truly love him.
I am sad that people give unwanted advice because they think it's okay.
I am sad that there are evil people out there in the world.
I am not a reader of the news for the above reason.
I am learning how to become a better listener.
I am a lover of my family.
I am always cold.

I will be gone for most of the week due to volleyball!  It is our last week, and we have games Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday all away.  Awesome!  Did I mention we won our first volleyball game last week? I couldn't have been more proud of my girls because they finally started to work together as a team.  I feel somewhat bad that they have to run tomorrow at practice because they weren't too good at calling the ball or as I call it "using their words". 

12 followers what's new with you?  Teachers how is your school year going?

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