Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Remember when it was 90210 Wednesday?

Two new deep deep thoughts for this morning:

1) whole wheat pop tarts!!!

2) getting yelled at before 9 am by the boss, new record even for me!

our firm wide internet is down, it's "busy season" and everyone's grumpy already. why did i decide to work for a cpa firm?


Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Rainy day!

hello party people!
first things first: jenny & i have parted ways. i was super duper hungry 24/7 which isn't very me. don't get me i like food, but i'm more of a carbs, mac & cheese bad food eater then an gimme three big macs, four tacos eater. so when i was STARVING by 10:30 (when i can usually wait till 10:45 ha ha) i decided it was time to refocus. plus as a bonus i have found a weight watchers friend in school. i have also found friends in school. go me! i really like my cohort (that's what we are is cohorts.)

i spent last weekend in atlanta with samantha and anna and had WAY too much fun. it was one of those really random, funny things happening every once in a while kind of nights. i love my friends. speaking of friends i've booked my plane ticket to oklahoma and will be there for my birthday so i want some birthday attention. ha ha!

it's a gross rainy day here today and i feel like crud but i'm sitting at my desk working away. okay really blogging away because the work i have to do is lame. i ran some financial statements in the copier and for some odd reason it decided to collate each page with a blank piece of paper, so guess who gets to fix that? me! me ! don't hate! ha ha.

i miss everyone ..


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