Saturday, October 25, 2008

done done and done....

well y'all  i did it! i survived 8th grade for the second time. :) go me! i have finished my practicum which is basically known as my internship. it's ten weeks of "practicing" to be a teacher and learning as much as i possibly can in those ten weeks.  i survived and actually liked it for the most part.

i am going back to the 8th grade in january for some social studies or in this case 8th grade history.  ahhh! i will spend my break getting caught up on that don't you worry.  i will say this, it's a good thing that georgia history and south carolina history are similar.  

mom and dad have left town again and left me in charge of the dogs.  ask me how this goes in a few days so far i suck at it.  

i am spending the day watching college football and making lesson plans.  who's jealous?  just think next year i can do this and get paid! ha ha.

Monday, October 20, 2008

i'm back....

who missed me?  school has been kicking my arse and then some.  i'm extremely burnt out due to the lack of a break and the whole "free" thing but this upcoming friday i will have successfully completed my first few weeks of student-teaching/being an intern.  

i am slowly but surely getting my life back together, although i gotten illness number 1 (thank you germy students!!!) i spent the weekend sleeping/recouping and while i can still hear the ocean in my ear i feel much better.  i have today off as it's another teacher work day (sweet!!) and will be resting/sleeping until going to the doctor this afternoon.  

who knows maybe with this new free time i'll start blogging again?

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