Tuesday, March 31, 2009

ms. levy

here i am in the classroom teaching.. 

Sunday, March 29, 2009

new shorts from tj maxx by vineyard vines!  so cute and i can't wait to wear them i also got the shirt...

i gave in to the peer pressure...

ok yall..  everyone has been posting their latest spring buys and well i can't be left in the cold... mom and i went shopping today because we are on a mission to find me a cute dress for graduation, the weddings, etc. 

the following picture is of my new fantastic flip flops.  they are like heaven on your feet and of course super cute too!  

Thursday, March 26, 2009

cranky jen...

i have been student teaching full-time for the past 1.5 wks and i'm EXHAUSTED!! on the plus side i have am done done done with my evals for student teaching.  i did okay with my last eval it wasn't my best but it wasn't my worst either.  i did pretty good with my final eval but i keep getting in trouble for not knowing my content.  why don't i know my content?  i don't know my content because a) i had georgia history not sc; b) i have a minor in jewish studies not normal history; c) getting the lesson plan during first period planning is not the best way for me to "learn" something so i'm annoyed but understand why it's said i don't know my content.  another thing that was told to me during my final eval was that i didn't handle asking off for my religious holidays the correct way.  um... they were in october and it's now april?!?! i believe i should have known this fact earlier but hey i know it now? i mean really people.  
another situation occurred that has made me cranky but i'm not ready to discuss it yet. let's just say i was LIVID and LIVID jen isn't good.  yesterday i managed to leave at 7:30 and get home around 9:30 can we say long day?  i was so exhausted i passed out with the lights on.  wow i'm a winner ha ha!  tonight was date night with the boy toy and it was fun.  i made friends with the waitress because well i like strangers.  ha ha! daddy is having surgery tomorrow on his arm so let's get those prayers going.  he forgot to tell me so i won't be there but i'll be home afterwards for all the fun of drugged up daddy.  hmm.. what kind of presents should mommy and i ask for? ha ha!  it's late i'm tired and cranky so night yall... 

Sunday, March 22, 2009


hello friends & family...
  i spent last week having interview after interview after interview and what did they tell me at the end of each interview? thanks for coming but we're not hiring yet so when we do start please check our website! really? i'm all about the interview but give me a hint that you want me for the   i am okay with waiting until may to find out about a job but just give me a hint you like me.  seriously otherwise why am i waiting? boo boo boo..
  enough whining... spring break is almost here and i can't wait! 

Sunday, March 15, 2009


so i have spent the past few weeks/months trying to change myself and not be such a princess but yeah that's not working for me.  i am a princess and i'm okay with it.  what's wrong with being a jap? what's wrong with liking the finer things in life? what's wrong with this? i'm not a horrible person, i love talking to strangers no matter how crazy they are dressed. ha ha! i do live in the south people.  :) 

i was seven when i announced that i was the princess and i stand by it!  

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

i am sitting here in class and haven't been paying attention since about 6:30 and it's now 7:05.  why i haven't been paying attention you may ask?  there was math involved!   anytime i hear the word math i freak out and can't focus.  i am sure the fact that i've been in school since 7:45 this morning doesn't help but seriously people numbers + jen = panic.  

i have also started teaching all 4 classes and it's going ok.  my first 3 classes are okay not great but okay.  sixth period is evil.  i love them but they don't listen to me.  i have explained to them that i am not a big scary man but a short, loud lady.  they don't take me seriously because i am a student to them not a teacher.  i hope that next year that doesn't happen.  i don't think it will but i still have that fear.

i am busy making lesson plans and trying to plan neat activities but those don't always work and especially not when you work with a man who doesn't quite understand how you operate!  i'm a creative person and i want my creativity to show but i don't think it will happen until next year when i have my own classroom and can do neat projects.

here's to next year! ha ha!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

latest & greatest...

ok family & friends...
  1. i got a new car (2003 land rover and can i just say if you live near gvegas watch out!) 

  2. i'm still super super pumped about the job interview in new orleans.  anyone want to meet me out there?

  3.  i'm not okay with the way i'm being treated by my supervisor for student teaching but that's life!
  4. we have had the past two days off due to snow days and i've been sick.  go figure!

 5.  i suck at going to the gym, there i said it.. i suck at it! 

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