Sunday, August 28, 2011

crazy, wonderful life...

we started school august 1 and haven't stopped running since.  my school is very short handed which means i am now the department head for english, still volleyball coach, the only returning english teacher, member of the leadership team, yearbook advisor, and of course returning vice president of a committee i never know the name of.  (great right?) let's start with my school being short handed, we lost quite a few teachers this school year due to people leaving, retiring, and the district not giving people contracts in time.  (i signed my contract the FRIDAY before school started.) we had all new administration and after the first week one of our new vice principals got a fantastic job offer as a head principal so she's gone.  new new vp will be starting after labor day hopefully.  fingers crossed! now we're moving to volleyball, everyone's favorite topic!   i have this rule that because i teach at a public school i won't cut a student (thank you remember the titans!) but it's true.  i coach middle school volleyball and rule #1 is don't hit me with the ball i think i should keep as many girls as possible.  with all that said that doesn't mean the other coaches don't give free, unwanted, unasked for, advice.  if you want to tell me what to do then please continue coaching my team but until you have to stay late every night to help me back off.  this has been happening since last year and while i would love "help" i don't love being told what i should be doing in front of the kids.  come coach a practice, come be my assistant coach but don't tell me what to do in the hallway.  i also dislike hearing how my volleyball girls are doing this, doing that in your class.  i can only do so much as i am one person!  they know the rules of being on my team (letter went out friday with a practice schedule - points for me!) i am so sick of people telling me how to do stuff because i'm young.  if you know how to do it all then do it!  i am not sure of some things but i know that i am an awesome teacher.  how do i know this? i know this because i love my job, i spend all my spare time working, grading, planning, thinking of ideas, etc.  i am at school at 8:30 most days for mornng meetings, to plan (we don't have to be there until 8:50) and leave around 6 depending on when my kids get picked up from practice, and what work i have left to do.  not to mention that i will ASK for your advice when i need it, or want it.  ok done sorry! apparently i have been bottling all that up for a few weeks.  i think that is enough of a post for this morning.  i will discuss the other stuff tomorrow.  (i will be posting again shocking i know!) hope everyone is having a safe and great weekend.  

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