Wednesday, July 25, 2012

two days....

I have typed and retyped this post a few times now but honestly the only recurring part of the post is that I return to school in TWO days.  That's right people TWO days.  

I have been up to school a few times to "work" on my room.  I put work in captions because I am not quite sure what I am truly doing but sometimes I am not sure it's work.  I have so much that I need to do and so much that I won't want to do so mostly I stare at all the stuff I have.  Anyone else have that issue?  I am going with a new color scheme in my room this year so that will be fun.  I used to have EVERYTHING pink but that got old.  I kept trying to change it up but my old students (and their siblings) enjoyed the pink and hey if it's not broken why fix it?  This year I am bringing in some blue.  I brought in blue last year but this year I am even changing my borders to bring in the blue.  I will hopefully upload photos soon.  Anyone else changing things up this year?  

Anyone else starting in a few days?

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