Sunday, January 25, 2009


May 8th 2:30 Graduation

May 9th BIG BIG BIG party in Greenville
school is back in session and i start student teaching tomorrow! ahhh!! i am taking over third period and can't wait/am super super nervous.  i love the kids so hopefully that will mean something.  

i have a saturday class and it blows.  there are mean people in there and i want to cuss them out but i am a lady so i just gave them the bird :) such a lady!  just thought i'd post a quick i'm alive. 

Thursday, January 22, 2009

aunt jen (again)

yeah nat & jr are having a baby.  we will call it peanut and by we i mean me.  

so pumped to be an aunt again!!!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

81.  I'm more involved with my sorority now than when I was in college.

82.  I'm the most organized messy person you'll ever meet.

83.  My college degree is one of my most my prized possessions.

84.  Since going back to college I have forgotten how to spell.

85.  I'm officially the shortest cousin on both sides of my family now.  (first cousins only)

86.  I love the color purple and think everyone should embrace purple fun day.

87.  I have a core group of friends that I love more than anything.  

88.  Said core group of friends should love me too.

89.  I'm a mess.  I fall, trip, forget everything, (if it's not written down i've forgotten it!) 

90.  I like to call my brother daily to bother him.  (and he lets me although he doesn't always answer!) 

Important things to know about me...

I have been bothered quite a bit lately by the lack of communication from friends and family (i am guilty too) so people why aren't we using our phones? I have poor reception but I have a house phone that works just fine so why don't I use that? Have I started relying too much on cell? With school starting back up in two days I'll be super busy and email will be the best way to get ahold of me but seriously pick up the phone and call your best friend, your mom, my mom heck anyone!

Things that anger me this week: 
People who get mad at you for not calling! HELLO your phone works too call your friend.

People who get mad at you for stupid things.

RUDE people.  Oh that really angers me.

That's all for this week. So forgive me for being all jewish mother on you but dude call your people.  

Thursday, January 15, 2009


this is a HORRIBLE picture but i want yall to see me with my fantastic new bangs...

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

more about me

71.  i think highlighters and post-its are fantastic.

72.  i color code my closet.

73.  until recently thanks to my bff from 5th grade my jammies had to always match.

74.  i don't like being called jenny

75.  i don't like it when people spell jen with two nn's

76.  my initials are jkl.

77.  i don't have wisdom teeth (they never came in)

78.  i have no clue where i want to live next year

79.  i love hoodies and think that everything should have a hood.

80.  i've been 5'2 since the 5th grade.  

book 1 (evvy's civil war)

Evvy's Civil War is a book about a 14-year-old girl growing up on a plantation in Virginia during the time of the Civil War.  Her plantation was given to her father upon his father's death and is now a school for boys and a small farm.  Evvy has five younger sisters and no brothers, which is important because her grandfather passed the land down to the next male heir.  Evvy turns 14 in the book and becomes a woman, which means corsets, hoop skirts, be pretty and not speaking her mind which she finds hard to do.  Her family is detached from the War in the beginning because they live in the country and have few slaves which we find out that her father offered to free when he became master of the house.  We find out later on why they chose to stay but her family is not like other southern families during this time, nor is Evvy.  I find that she is a strong woman with strong values, and beliefs and found this book to be an easy read despite the fact it was almost 200 pages.  

mission statement

i'm on a mission people! 
  i have an assignment for my read class which is to write a paper/chart whatever you want to call it about 30 different books.  well considering this is my last semester of grad school and i'm a giant nerd i've actually read enough books but i want to branch out and try some new ones (at least until i get overwhelmed and quit that) so i'm going to start telling you about the books.  that way i can blog and get some hwk done at the same time.  (adam does this count as being about me? ha ha)

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Boomer Sooner!

Boomer Sooner! That's enough said!!  

I hope we win, my family is at the game and I'm sitting here watching it on the big screen.  

So Boomer!!! 

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

more ramblings...

41.  i love naps.

42. the mailman hates me (i make him get out of his car to deliver our mail sometimes due to my lack of parking spots)

43.  everyone should read for pleasure.  

44.  my planner is color-coded

45.  i get bored easily.

46.  i HATE being ignored.

47.  i think retail therapy is better than "real" therapy.

48.   i call my brother brubba.

49.  i love quoting movies.

50.  have i mentioned that i live at home with my parents?

51.  i think everything in life can be solved by an episode of 90210 (old one of course!)

52.  i've been to court in three different cities (two states) for speeding.  (don't do it..)

53.  i have horrible luck.

54.  i don't like change.

55.  i can't tweeze my own eyebrows because i always make them crooked (and it hurts)

56.  i'm very honest (sometimes too much)

57.   i'm super girly

58.  i try to be as fair as possible.  (golden rule people golden rule)

59.  i think i'm funny ha ha

60.  i think sometimes it's okay to break the rules but am a giant nerd and try really hard to follow them.  

61.  i'm an electronics junky.  (thanks dad!) 

62.  i can hook up the electronics that i like.  

63.  i love lists.

64.  i'm extremely organized but a giant mess (walking oxymoron much?!?!)

65.  i think laughter is definitely the best medicine.

66.  rude people make me VERY angry.

67.  i have a giant sweet tooth but don't like chocolate.

68.  i still have my blankie.

69.  even though i'm at clempson (the p is silent) i don't like the color orange.

70.  i made the above lists in my ethics seminar today.  


classes have started again and well it's boring already.  today was a lecture on ethics and the classroom but seriously gimme a handout and i'd have been happy! i did get to skip the second half of the seminar because my car um.. flooded a bit.  i drove my mom's car to school this morning because it was raining and her car was in the garage so when home for my lunch break i was going to move my car and upon moving it i hear this sloshing sound.  the leak i had just gotten fixed is now bigger and better apparently.  so the green monster is back in the shop, do you think it knows i'm replacing it in three months? 

that's all.. 

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Top 10 Memories from Israel...

10.  Josh telling Sam that on a scale of 1 to 10 she's a 45!

9.  Crazy Kibbutz man and his "tea"

8.  Jew for Jesus as the Koach's IDF solider.

7.  Being put on hold with El Al and yelling BOOM to wake up Elie.  

6.  Making t-shirts that confuse people because like the shirts said "Bus 586 shutting down Israel every stop of the way."

5.  Going all the way over to Israel and NOT being able to "swim" in the Dead Sea.

4.  Missing all the late night fun because I was lame and wanted to sleep for more than an hour a night.

3.  Getting the rabbis' drunk.  (Don't worry I missed that!)

2.  The heat going out in everyone's tent in the desert but of course not in Aaron's room.

1.  Watching the "movie" that was really soft core porn but not according to the Rabbis' on our trip we're just a bunch of wusses for not understanding it.

todays odd facts...

31.  I think it's quite humerous that most of my cousins are taller than me.

32.  I love that my great-grandma used to garden in fancy heels & the other one tried to fatten you up with yummy homemade cookies.

33.  I love Oklahoma Football games!!!

34.  I think it's funny that when I get a little tipsy my southern accent comes out.  

35.  I talk to my parents at least 50 times a day.

36.  I was born in such a small town in Oklahoma I had to be born in a different town (same one as Brad Pitt!)

37.  I'm super close to most of my cousins.  (Aren't yall lucky?!?!)

38.  I hate the outdoors, bugs, spiders, snakes, bears, the lake, but LOVE Camp Birch Trail.

39.  I think the term sorostitute is funny.

40.  I like saying funny ha ha.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

shout outs..

What I learned this time two years ago..

 that mean people can be your best friends.  
   me: oh what are we doing?
   h: talking about people!
   me: oh i love this game!

(Instant BFF)

What big step, little step really means when walking down masada and it takes three people to do it.  

That B and his pink swim suit will definitely always be a fantastic memory for me.

The most important thing I learned is that you can still talk to people two years later even if the other person (hil) says you never will.  

this time two years ago with bus 586...

1. we were getting our counting wrong.

2.  we were learning tani's top ten favorite animals.  (llamas anyone?!?!?)

3.  we were learning from the rabbis' what sloshed really meant.

4.  look at the birds.

5.  we were ignoring dina and her talking.

6.  i was wearing most of, if not all my clothes at once.

7.  josh writing i rock on the rock.

8.  samantha falling in the water and brock getting my reaction on film.

9.  did i mention it was cold?

10.  almost getting killed while nichole was on the camel and i was not ..

I miss yall!! 

Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year

Happy New Year yall! I hope everyone had a fantastic and wonderful New Years.  I spent mine in Raleigh, North Carolina visiting one of my college roommates Allie.  We had a party at her house and I had a blast!  (I highly recommend everyone trying FireFly Vodka with Lemonade!)  I am now sitting at her apartment waiting for her to get off work so that we can go play! 

Thursday, January 1, 2009

look at these fantastic facts...

21. I love love love babies!!! 

22. I love love love love the color purple.

23.  I love smart people but hate it when they hold their smartness over you.  

24.  I still remember the word that I got me canned from the 3rd grade spelling bee.  (o'clock i said comma instead of apostrophe ha ha)

25.  I am unemployed and live at home with my parents (I LOVE to tell people this b/c I think it's funny)

26.  I'm not really unemployed I am a grad student but it's still fun to tell people this.

27.  I'm very observant but can't really remember anything ever.

28.  I broke four bones before the age of 10 and "forgot" to tell my parents about two of them.  

29.  I'm a giant klutz and fall all the time.

30.  I think sweat pants and baseball hats are the most wonderful things on earth.

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