Tuesday, January 13, 2009

book 1 (evvy's civil war)

Evvy's Civil War is a book about a 14-year-old girl growing up on a plantation in Virginia during the time of the Civil War.  Her plantation was given to her father upon his father's death and is now a school for boys and a small farm.  Evvy has five younger sisters and no brothers, which is important because her grandfather passed the land down to the next male heir.  Evvy turns 14 in the book and becomes a woman, which means corsets, hoop skirts, be pretty and not speaking her mind which she finds hard to do.  Her family is detached from the War in the beginning because they live in the country and have few slaves which we find out that her father offered to free when he became master of the house.  We find out later on why they chose to stay but her family is not like other southern families during this time, nor is Evvy.  I find that she is a strong woman with strong values, and beliefs and found this book to be an easy read despite the fact it was almost 200 pages.  

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