Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Ok friends and family, I did it I joined Jenny Craig. I wasn't going to share this but what the heck i'm an open book. I was doing weight watchers with my mom, but please I can't do math and count points. HELLO! a) i'm lazy b) i suck at counting and c) i don't cook. This will be good for me, because everything is laid out for me, I follow a schedule/menu and this will definitely work with my busy busy schedule. This is more a kick in tush because I will not be doing this forever but for right now it's perfect for me. They even have breakfast pre-made for me. I love this! The only thing I have to do is get my salad, fruits, and veggies which I can easily do. (em, i can see you rolling your eyes at me!)

Now that I've shared that, let's discuss my latest life decision: moving back home with Mom & Dad. I love living alone, but do not like my apartment. There is no parking after 9 except for far away in a dimly lit area. yeah so not safe. Not to mention my neighbors need to be on Jerry Springer, my personal favorite fight i've heard was a few weeks ago, when the guy told the girl that he was f*ing crazy because he was with her. (they're still together! what?) if a guy told me that there would be future for us. yes i have complained about this, but let's see the excuses i've gotten, it's apartment living (our walls are paper thin and i hear EVERYTHING, even the dude singing at 7 am he's bad too), well it's not during "quiet time" (ok i'm sorry but if i can hear you fighting at 4 on a sunday, and or your slam your door so hard my walls shake) you need to fix that, those are my favorite lines management gives me. Then there's the whole school thing, which is the major reason i am moving back home. I need to be supported while i'm student teaching, in summer school, and all that jazz. So if anyone needs a sofa or armoire lemme know! :)

Speaking of school, I LOVE it! yes, i ms. i hate school and couldn't wait to graduate love it! my classes are interesting, the people i'm meeting are interesting, and well i'm getting a's! who knew?

work is going fine, i'm on office adminstrator number 4! this one is a man, who seems nice but he's only been here like a week, so ask me again in three weeks. i didn't do anything, it's the crazy people i work with. i just answer the phones, okay maybe i do more but lately all i've done is answer the phone. welcome to tax season or as we call it in the biz "busy season"

i have some exciting trips coming up so i'll share, atlanta this weekend to show it to anna in case she leaves me and moves there (anna is post office chick), and of course seeing samantha! the weekend after that i'm going to kansas city for a gamma phi recruitment convention. who am i? first liking school, now being a special recruitment counselor for gamma phi? ha ha! i'm insane!!
then back to atlanta for heather's engagement party, (i'm a bridesmaid! wedding number 5 people.) that's it for february and march. in april though i'm going to oklahoma for nat's bach. party weekend and passover. really for nat's thing but passover falls in the middle of it, so i'm ditching the partying for a few hours to pray for my partying ways! what liquor can you drink on passover? can you drink? (notice i care about passover and not jenny) now that i've asked the important questions i must do some work on this rainy day!

alright peace!

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