Friday, June 26, 2009

hire me... please...

so i had two interviews yesterday in good ole greenville and spartanburg! interview number 1 was in sparkle city aka spartanburg and i walked out feeling like they didn't want me. sad i know. i was early (always a plus!) and they were 25 minutes late (not a plus!) then i had the principal and the assistant principal as my interviewers and when one is sitting next to you and the other is in front of you where do you look? i mean seriously where do you look? they read their questions straight off the sheet and well they didn't shake my hands. i don't have the swine people. i don't!
interview two was in gvegas and well apparently i wrote down it was thursday and the principal wrote down that it was wednesday .. oops and i once again thought I was early but apparently i was a day late. he was really cool about it and snuck me in and it was much more relaxed. he asked questions and i answered to the best of my ability. i go to oklahoma on wednesday and i can't wait . i have two job interviews and am hoping for some more. wish me luck b/c seriously i want a job.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Summer camp is a wonderful place to flourish and learn how to make friends, among other things! I miss BT and am spending some time at a new camp in North Carolina. It's not the same as BT nor is it even close but I chose this new place knowing all of this. I think the biggest thing that I miss is the happy, welcome home feeling I get when I see the Welcome Sign, or even better hear the Welcome song. There isn't a welcome song here and people here are welcoming but they aren't Skippy or Barb friendly.

I love camp and I like my new camp but BT will always be number 1 for me!

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