Thursday, May 28, 2009

birthdays and other thoughts

so tomorrow is my birthday and it's a camp birthday. i've always wanted a camp birthday where they sing to you, and make a big deal out of you at a meal and the best part being that you get to dismiss everyone. but i'm not a bt anymore and i won't be at camp for my birthday because i'll be in the ATL with my mommy.

we are staying at the W in Buckhead and going to see Jersey Boys tomorrow night. Who knows what we will be doing during the day but i'm hoping it happens to do with a visit to Lenox. ha ha.

as a sidenote i have two job interviews with schools in the big OKLAHOMA! keep those fingers crossed for me please.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

greetings from the mountains

hello all!
i'm at a camp! i have been here a few days and so far so good. the people here are nice but it's no bt.

just wanted to say that i'm alive and well...

Saturday, May 16, 2009

frustrations, sadness, but not quite defeated (yet)

in the course of probably four months i've applied for over 65 jobs.  i've gotten maybe 5 interviews and zero jobs.  (yes i have a fantastic summer job but we're talking teaching jobs here!) in the mail today i received the lamest rejection letter ever.  it said the position you have applied for has been filled.  wow thanks for that awesome rejection letter!  i mean really?  i'm not asking for anything mushy, but why waste postage on that?  seriously?  

keep me in your thoughts and prayers as i aim to apply for 35 more jobs ... i'm a glutton for punishment after all i want to teach middle school! ha ha!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

lists are a beautiful thing...

i'm a list maker.  lists make me happy i'm a little bit ocd, okay i'm a lot bit ocd and just odd so i found myself packing for my summer job and for the first time in my 9 previous summers at camp bt now following a list.  WHAT? who doesn't pack for camp following a list?  this is not good but i started packing and found that i know what i need and what i don't need.  i also found that packing in giant tuperware is the BEST thing ever.  i love giant tuperware.  love love love love it! 

i start my summer job on sunday and i can't wait. i have found myself running out of things to do and am sick of applying for jobs that aren't there or the schools aren't ready for me.  makes me sad. i want to teach i really really really want to teach.  so damn it hire me! 

Friday, May 8, 2009

I did it...

In a few hours I will graduate from Clemson University with a Masters in the Arts of Teaching and like many others be jobless.  

I know understand that high powered exec who walks along the street with a cardboard cut out of their resume on their body.  I want one of those.  We need teachers, we need to educate the children, and really what person wants middle school? Oh wait me! me me me!!! 

So being bitersweet i totally rock for getting a masters and i feel a little less happy b/c i'm jobless.

but to the rest of my cohort happy graduation yall.. We did it! (cue Elle Woods!) 

Sunday, May 3, 2009


Y'all I did I really did it..

In t-5 days I will be a MASTERS graduate.  me little ms can I drop out of college please?  ha ha i didn't like the math part. 

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