Sunday, June 27, 2010

Gamma Phi Convention 2010 - Disney

I was here all week with a bunch of these

but feel like

Sunday, June 20, 2010

fat kid ramblings

i hate dieting! i hate it! i enjoy the working out a tad bit more but i feel so judged and watched when people know you are dieting. i'm on weight watchers which is supposed to help make life long changes but seriously people are judging/watching if you eat that piece of cake. (not that i have yet but i'm just saying) i think part of it is the fact that i'm living at home right now and i know that i don't eat great but guess what, i'm improving and i'm getting off my butt and excercising twice a week. so all you judgers back off!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

ramblings of me...

i am bored! i have been reading constantly which isn't bad but i'm running out of books here people! (negative to being a speed reader) i am going to the pool tomorrow with some friends from graduate school so that will be fun and then on tuesday i am going to disney for a week of sorority fun. i have already started packing for that trip and then tomorrow will run to the mall to find the last minute items i need. (we have to wear business attire and well i didn't bring anything home really!) a bonus to that though is that my pants that i have left over from my accounting firm hell days fit me! score one for the hellish diet. it's not really hellish but i can't count the points, my mother is hovering, and well this is an odd one i don't eat enough of my points. i'm not a huge snacker, i'm not a huge eater just a poor food choice maker and lazy. combine those too and you get pudgy me. i am not allowed to call myself fat so pudgy is the new word. i would mind but i've seen the pictures of myself in my wedding dress (sorry can't share yet!) and i need to fix my arms and belly. i am working on that with a trainer that i can't afford but have to go see twice a week, jillian's 30 day shred, and weight watchers. wish me luck that one of those work for me! anyone reading anything amazing right now? i have read about six books in three days and well i only shop at used bookstores now so i'm not quite sure what's out there. i went today to trade in some books at the used bookstore here in south carolina (if you have a half price books near you run there!) and could have received $4 in cash and $10 in book credit or $18 in credit so I chose the credit since i'm reading so much. smart choice i think since i left with quite a few new books (well used new books!) i have also filled out my lesson plan book and by fill out i mean put the dates on the pages but am nervous about doing that because what if i jinx myself? i did it anyway because i have nothing else to do, i tried to update my calendar and of course starting watching a horrible/amazing show called jerseylicious. it's on style and i can't stop myself. that season is over so now i have to find some new crappy show to watch while i wait for the wedding planner to get her plans together. we get those next week when i come home from convention and hopefully everything is going to be great! i am leaving on a family trip to florida to celebrate fiance's 30th and spend time with my dad's brothers, their kids, and grams. which in my family means the ladies will do one thing, the beach goers will do another, and we will all meet up for dinners. i love jewish families! my mom and i already have places we want to go shopping. we also agree that the nordstroms in boca is amazing! if you can go visit!

i am sorry this is a random, all over the place post but i don't do anything and i'm bored but i feel like i should at least share a little of what i'm doing!

Monday, June 14, 2010

things to know

i am going to disney land in a few weeks for my sorority convention and i can't wait! i have no plans to actually visit the park but i love the fact that i get to spend time with friends and make some new ones.

i am also very excited because today i weighed in for the first time at weight watchers and lost a pound and a half. considering i'm not the best at following diets i'm proud!

i'm also very excited that i found a pair of donald pliner shoes at the nearly new for 25 bucks.

i am very upset that i feel like my gorgeous bridesmaid dress has caused strive with some of my bridesmaid. it's an expensive dress but i haven't been able to find anything even remotely beautiful. i want to tell my bridesmaids if they can't afford the dress and don't want to pay for then they can back out but i love them all and know it's super duper rude to do that.

i am sad that one of my very best friends is only getting to visit for 12 hrs this weekend (but i'll take what i can get)

i have read six books in the past week and a half and tried to blog about the books but i suck at that!

i wish i that knew about my job already because i would love to start planning.

i wish i was there to help daibid with the flooding that is going on in our house right now. i miss him and the puppy sooo very much.

i hope that i will be able to get out of bed tomorrow morning to go to the 6 am spin class! ahhh!!!

anything you wish, hope, or are excited/sad about?

Thursday, June 10, 2010

change of pace...

I have been talking about my job, or lack of job lately and now I want to share the other news in my life. I have come home to spend the summer getting the bulk of my wedding planning out of the way, and I'm very happy to share that the wedding plans are coming along beautifully. I can happily cross off finding a dress, finding bridesmaid dresses, and finding a venue for the reception. We are 95% sure that we have a place for the actual wedding but I don't want to jinx anything until we everything confirmed, so check back for updates!

I am now working on the guest list, and gift registry. My fiance and I have decided that I will do the leg work and he will add/try to delete things when I'm done. Since I am home for wedding my mother has put me in wedding boot camp. She started weight watchers a few months back and looks amazing so I started it this week (along with daddy) and I have also started to work out. I went to the gym Tuesday to meet with my old trainer, and then did Jillian Michaels 30 day shred with my mother and let me tell you I HURT! I am going to do day 2 of Jillian Michaels later today and I'll let you know if I survive. ha ha!

I will post photos of things as they become finalized but until then my posting will have to do. :P

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

more cuts and more waiting

more budget cuts are being proposed which means more waiting for me. I keep getting told I'm safe but honestly until I see that contract I'm scared!!!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


I am still waiting to find out if I have my job for next year. Let me tell you about this waiting! It sucks!!! They are sending a letter out, and they still have my wrong address but every time I try to call and change it the person I need isn't there. Shocking? Nope! Mentally I am a giant mess but I am hoping that the fact that I will be so busy for the next few days that it really won't matter. I don't think that will help but a girl can dream right? I am supposed to find out Friday but in the back of my mind I feel like they are going to push it back which would just make everything worse.

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