Monday, June 14, 2010

things to know

i am going to disney land in a few weeks for my sorority convention and i can't wait! i have no plans to actually visit the park but i love the fact that i get to spend time with friends and make some new ones.

i am also very excited because today i weighed in for the first time at weight watchers and lost a pound and a half. considering i'm not the best at following diets i'm proud!

i'm also very excited that i found a pair of donald pliner shoes at the nearly new for 25 bucks.

i am very upset that i feel like my gorgeous bridesmaid dress has caused strive with some of my bridesmaid. it's an expensive dress but i haven't been able to find anything even remotely beautiful. i want to tell my bridesmaids if they can't afford the dress and don't want to pay for then they can back out but i love them all and know it's super duper rude to do that.

i am sad that one of my very best friends is only getting to visit for 12 hrs this weekend (but i'll take what i can get)

i have read six books in the past week and a half and tried to blog about the books but i suck at that!

i wish i that knew about my job already because i would love to start planning.

i wish i was there to help daibid with the flooding that is going on in our house right now. i miss him and the puppy sooo very much.

i hope that i will be able to get out of bed tomorrow morning to go to the 6 am spin class! ahhh!!!

anything you wish, hope, or are excited/sad about?


Melanie said...

I was hoping to get an "I'm excited to see purple girl" shout out on here for Monday's blog.

Ms. L said...

that will be on friday!

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