Tuesday, January 6, 2009

more ramblings...

41.  i love naps.

42. the mailman hates me (i make him get out of his car to deliver our mail sometimes due to my lack of parking spots)

43.  everyone should read for pleasure.  

44.  my planner is color-coded

45.  i get bored easily.

46.  i HATE being ignored.

47.  i think retail therapy is better than "real" therapy.

48.   i call my brother brubba.

49.  i love quoting movies.

50.  have i mentioned that i live at home with my parents?

51.  i think everything in life can be solved by an episode of 90210 (old one of course!)

52.  i've been to court in three different cities (two states) for speeding.  (don't do it..)

53.  i have horrible luck.

54.  i don't like change.

55.  i can't tweeze my own eyebrows because i always make them crooked (and it hurts)

56.  i'm very honest (sometimes too much)

57.   i'm super girly

58.  i try to be as fair as possible.  (golden rule people golden rule)

59.  i think i'm funny ha ha

60.  i think sometimes it's okay to break the rules but am a giant nerd and try really hard to follow them.  

61.  i'm an electronics junky.  (thanks dad!) 

62.  i can hook up the electronics that i like.  

63.  i love lists.

64.  i'm extremely organized but a giant mess (walking oxymoron much?!?!)

65.  i think laughter is definitely the best medicine.

66.  rude people make me VERY angry.

67.  i have a giant sweet tooth but don't like chocolate.

68.  i still have my blankie.

69.  even though i'm at clempson (the p is silent) i don't like the color orange.

70.  i made the above lists in my ethics seminar today.  

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