Thursday, January 1, 2009

look at these fantastic facts...

21. I love love love babies!!! 

22. I love love love love the color purple.

23.  I love smart people but hate it when they hold their smartness over you.  

24.  I still remember the word that I got me canned from the 3rd grade spelling bee.  (o'clock i said comma instead of apostrophe ha ha)

25.  I am unemployed and live at home with my parents (I LOVE to tell people this b/c I think it's funny)

26.  I'm not really unemployed I am a grad student but it's still fun to tell people this.

27.  I'm very observant but can't really remember anything ever.

28.  I broke four bones before the age of 10 and "forgot" to tell my parents about two of them.  

29.  I'm a giant klutz and fall all the time.

30.  I think sweat pants and baseball hats are the most wonderful things on earth.

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