Thursday, March 26, 2009

cranky jen...

i have been student teaching full-time for the past 1.5 wks and i'm EXHAUSTED!! on the plus side i have am done done done with my evals for student teaching.  i did okay with my last eval it wasn't my best but it wasn't my worst either.  i did pretty good with my final eval but i keep getting in trouble for not knowing my content.  why don't i know my content?  i don't know my content because a) i had georgia history not sc; b) i have a minor in jewish studies not normal history; c) getting the lesson plan during first period planning is not the best way for me to "learn" something so i'm annoyed but understand why it's said i don't know my content.  another thing that was told to me during my final eval was that i didn't handle asking off for my religious holidays the correct way.  um... they were in october and it's now april?!?! i believe i should have known this fact earlier but hey i know it now? i mean really people.  
another situation occurred that has made me cranky but i'm not ready to discuss it yet. let's just say i was LIVID and LIVID jen isn't good.  yesterday i managed to leave at 7:30 and get home around 9:30 can we say long day?  i was so exhausted i passed out with the lights on.  wow i'm a winner ha ha!  tonight was date night with the boy toy and it was fun.  i made friends with the waitress because well i like strangers.  ha ha! daddy is having surgery tomorrow on his arm so let's get those prayers going.  he forgot to tell me so i won't be there but i'll be home afterwards for all the fun of drugged up daddy.  hmm.. what kind of presents should mommy and i ask for? ha ha!  it's late i'm tired and cranky so night yall... 

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