Monday, October 4, 2010

Things I am

I promised to follow up the things I am not with the things I am post and well here it is.

I am the most organized, messy person you will ever meet. Even I can't explain that!
I am best friends with my mom.
I am daddy's little girl and doubt that will ever change.
I am learning how to live with a boy.
I am learning how to share and not take over all the space.
I am a lover of books, books, and more books.
I love shopping!
I love teaching.
I am getting married in less than 5 months.
I am proud to say that I am Jewish.
I am proud to say that I worked hard to achieve my goals.
I am the world's worst sleeper.
I am sad that certain friends have left my life.
I am sad that certain friends won't leave my life.
I am sad that certain friends have left without saying goodbye.
I am sad that my grandmother who was my best friend isn't here to see her baby get married.
I am sad that nanny never got to meet David because she would truly love him.
I am sad that people give unwanted advice because they think it's okay.
I am sad that there are evil people out there in the world.
I am not a reader of the news for the above reason.
I am learning how to become a better listener.
I am a lover of my family.
I am always cold.

I will be gone for most of the week due to volleyball!  It is our last week, and we have games Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday all away.  Awesome!  Did I mention we won our first volleyball game last week? I couldn't have been more proud of my girls because they finally started to work together as a team.  I feel somewhat bad that they have to run tomorrow at practice because they weren't too good at calling the ball or as I call it "using their words". 

12 followers what's new with you?  Teachers how is your school year going?

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