Friday, July 25, 2008


so i don't really sleep anymore. silly grad school! since i don't sleep i spend quite a bit of time overthinking projects, searching the web, and basically stalking people on facebook... he he!  i have also spent quite a bit of time watching the history channel and channel i which is investigation discovery.  (ryan you'd be soo proud) 
the reason i am discussing this is that i have realized that teaching is definitely what i want to do. i love learning new things, and all this history is very very interesting so i'm restating my you should learn something new every day!  random day of the fact today is about mr. t.boone pickens of holdenville, oklahoma.  that's right holdenville right near good ole seminole.  he's related to some founding fathers of south carolina, which i found to be very interesting because governor pickens was fiesty and very forward thinking kind of like mr.pickens.
also have i mentioned i'm an aunt?  parker is precious!!! everyone should make me an aunt.  ok maybe not everyone but i'm all for it! ha ha...


Ryan said...

SEE!! And you guys always made fun of me for loving a) History and b) educational television!! Its the BEST. BOOYAH!

Ryan- 1
World- 0

Ryan said...
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The Pettijohn's said...

Nat-1 million

*I'm that awesome.

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