Wednesday, July 30, 2008


my third, yes i did say third senior year while writing my capstone project i started rewatching west wing to get myself motivated.  so tonight while working on some geography hwk i started rewatching it again and it makes everything better.  i never thought i'd say this but i may love this show more than i love 90210.  (don't beat me up people it's still right up and i will forever quote it!)  i want a president like bartlett, can't hollywood make a good one?  i also want to believe in the future of this country and its education and as a future teacher i can't say that i do.  i've always wanted to teach, yes every little kid plays teacher but to me it's what i wanted to do and after some sidetracking i'm back doing what i love.  while this is something i love, and want to do i can't say that about some of my fellow teachers.  i remember discussing what i wanted to do with some of my mothers friends and them telling me to go to something else, they were teachers already.  what is this?  everyone who wants to be a teacher knows that it is one of the most important but underrated jobs out there. the pay sucks (even with a masters), the students are getting worse and worse, their parents want you to baby-sit them, the "politics" of teaching but at the end of the day there is hope.  you are teaching the future whether they are the future garbage man or future president you want them to know that you care for them and you want them to succeed.  i think the fact that i've had a hard time getting here not to mention i'm that kid that never really thought i would succeed and hello i'm somewhat kicking grad school butt (it's kicking back and sometimes winning..) 

i just want to say that you should thank a teacher, and that if you think i'm crazy for wanting to teach middle school (don't tell me until after i've been teaching for a few years please!) if you want to tell me i'm crazy for something else i've done which well isn't surprising you can do that!  

are you learning a new fact each day?  today's random fact of the day has to with the state capitol of south carolina.  there are statues on it of strom thurmond and ben "pitchfork" tillman both major racists.  my question is are we the only state that has an embarrassing past?

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The Pettijohn's said...

You are crazy, but that's why I love you.

You'll be the best teacher around, I'd even let you teach my kids...maybe :)

Good post, and love the random facts!

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