Tuesday, March 10, 2009

i am sitting here in class and haven't been paying attention since about 6:30 and it's now 7:05.  why i haven't been paying attention you may ask?  there was math involved!   anytime i hear the word math i freak out and can't focus.  i am sure the fact that i've been in school since 7:45 this morning doesn't help but seriously people numbers + jen = panic.  

i have also started teaching all 4 classes and it's going ok.  my first 3 classes are okay not great but okay.  sixth period is evil.  i love them but they don't listen to me.  i have explained to them that i am not a big scary man but a short, loud lady.  they don't take me seriously because i am a student to them not a teacher.  i hope that next year that doesn't happen.  i don't think it will but i still have that fear.

i am busy making lesson plans and trying to plan neat activities but those don't always work and especially not when you work with a man who doesn't quite understand how you operate!  i'm a creative person and i want my creativity to show but i don't think it will happen until next year when i have my own classroom and can do neat projects.

here's to next year! ha ha!

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