Sunday, August 30, 2009

what's new...

well i have almost COMPLETELY finished unpacking my apartment but have stopped for now due to the lack of storage and no decorater. my aunt is a fantastic decorater and has offered to help me make my apartment a home so while she wasn't allowed over until i had unpacked some boxes.

i will post pictures soon!

i also participated in my first blog swap and got the best gift ! Boston Belle sent me a cute, perfect teacher bag that i have used every day since i received it. (once again pictures will be posted soon!) right now it's stuffed with ungraded papers! ha ha!

i can show a picture of the rug i ordered for my outside patio! i have a great patio except that i live in oklahoma and we have oklahoma red dirt and it has stained my patio already. so i purchased a terracota rug! perfect for outside in oklahoma!

super duper cute!

check out my new blog about the daily adventures in middle school.

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KAC said...

So glad that you loved it and glad that your apartment is almost unpacked!

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