Saturday, May 1, 2010

odds & ends

I received my teaching assignment for next year and it's back at my school! (Let's just hope that I don't get cut before I can sign the contract!) I am very excited and can't wait for next year. I will be teaching the ACT program again but I will be teaching a new one that is known as Ramp Up which means I get my students for 90 minutes, and I will HOPEFULLY be able to see a change in their grades, reading skills. I also get to switch rooms!

Today is moving day and well poor David. I am the worst person to have to move, plus I haven't really been home since Tuesday so my packing is not as amazing as it should be. The kids (I'm babysitting my cousins) and I will go over to my apartment this afternoon and wrap stuff up to move but until then I have errands to run, things to do. I am getting ready to formally accept my Junior League invite, and find my placements for this upcoming year. Wish me luck!

I will post more but I wanted to share the exciting news. Sidenote there are 15 SCHOOL days left of my first year as a teacher. AHHHHHH!!!

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