Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Ms. L

I am home from New York and will post about those adventures tomorrow (or the next day!) Today I went to visit my school because while I was away I got a letter telling me when to come back, and that my classroom had been moved (again!) I have been moved away from my back hallway (thank goodness) to the A hall. What does that mean? It means I'm near 8th grade teachers and 6th grade teachers but not really any 7th grade teachers. Is it wrong that I kind of like that? I also met our new principal and asst. principal today. Our new principal seems like she will be tough, but fair. When I introduced myself she said "Oh you're the one that called this summer, and was nervous about her job. I also heard you're a pretty good teacher" I like the last part but am not sure how I feel about the beginning as I told her I love my job and wanted to make sure I got to keep it.

I can't sleep tonight so I started doing some crafty stuff to make my classroom more me! My last year's class took me quite a while to get it organized, bright, etc. so this year I will start off right. I am dropping by school tomorrow to start moving some stuff out of my old class and into my new one, then I will slowly start decorating it again. The best part of the new classroom is that I have NEW desks. My previous desks were so horrible that even students drawing on them didn't help. I I will take plenty of before and after photos. I also just found out that I might not be teaching the program that I had training in, I am very mixed about this. I will know more on Wednesday so I'll update yall then too!

Two more weeks until school!!!

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