Tuesday, August 31, 2010

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I have been in school for almost two weeks and have yet to receive my MUCH needed materials!  I am teaching two 90 minute, reading intensive classes and the reading intensive items haven't shown up yet.  I love public schools.  I have found a few ways around this issue by letting my students start their new routines, and read their own books (which is allowed!) and then later on we practice reading together while I read Frindle to the class.  It was one of the few class sets our library had that wasn't super duper long.  I hate being unprepared and am so stressed out.  If being unprepared isn't horrible yesterday the ac in my classroom broke!  I teach in Oklahoma people, we are having a major heatwave (oh wait normal August weather) and my classroom today was almost 90 degrees.  I am one of 9 teachers in my building with no ac and while I know that schools haven't always had air, blah blah blah I want my air back!  It is miserable trying to teach while you are melting, and they are miserable.  I have three fans going but I have a HUGE room so that's not working.  Speaking of things not working apparently my brain wasn't when I decided to become the new girls volleyball coach.  Do I play? Do I have cordination? Do I know what the heck I'm doing? NO NO NO! (I'm not even certified yet!) We had our first game tonight and it was cancelled due one of our generators at school being hit by lightening. 

I am sure that this post has typo's galore and unfinished thougths but I am so tired I can't think and I figured it was time to share with the world again.  I hope everything is going well in your life!

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