Sunday, December 19, 2010

change is a good thing right?

Well, I am home and it's wonderful!  I haven't had time to fully comprehend the fact that tomorrow is the beginning of two weeks off but have no fear I will enjoy every second of it.  I know this blog is supposed to be about education, but for the next few weeks I might be sharing some wedding information. I am meeting with the wedding planner on Tuesday and will be able to FINALLY know what's going on with my wedding.  How do I not know what's going on you might ask, various reasons but the main reason is that I haven't had to and I kind of like it.  I am not stressed, because I feel like if I knew what wasn't being done, and what was being done I would be freaking out, so until I start freaking out enjoy the wedding tidbits.  I will also be sharing my need for a change in the education system (yes I'll be preaching!) and I think I am actually going to start using my blog for educational matters too.  Heavens forbid I actually use my blog for what it's supposed to be used for. :) I still stand by my decision not to have correct grammar, or punctuation because well I teach grammar and I still dislike capitalization along with I would spend too much time worrying about using the correct words, and if this comma fits here, etc.  Now that I'm done explaining what's going to happen with the blog, I am also going to share something that is going to freak you out!  (not really but let me build up some suspense...) This summer there was a teacher must haves topic that Babbling Abby started and one of mine was coca cola, well I have quit coca cola.  I had one tonight at dinner but I am actively trying to stay off of it until the wedding.  I usually had one a day, but am trying to drink water more, well drink anything more.  I hope everyone has a good monday off (well my teacher friends anyway...)

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