Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Just call me Ms. Cranky-Pants

I apologize now for the ranting that is about to occur but it's my blog and I can rant if I want to. :) I am getting married in 18 days and am sick!  I have managed to stay relatively healthy this year and now I get sick.  Bull I tell you bull.  I am also sick to my stomach with the thought of what my students are going to have to go through next year in a building that is being redone with asbestos, and who knows what else.  I don't know what to do to fix this.  All anyone cares about is test scores but let's look at this if you know your school is closing would you care if you passed a test?  seriously? I also just got off the phone with a collection agency which I called them.  I have a fantastic accountant (said with great sarcasm) and so I owe the government some money.  I have been trying to call the IRS to talk to them but they close at 4:30 and well I'm still at work then so I nicely call the collection agency to set up a payment (teacher so I'm poor) and she treats me like I'm a moron.  I have a MASTERS degree I am not a moron.  I get really irritated when people treat me like I'm a moron.  Seriously (this part is going to be mean so forgive me) but I bet I have more education than she does.  I asked to speak to someone other than her because I didn't feel like I could work with her and her response is well "you can ask but you will still work with me" which i responded so grown up and all "i can ask"  we played this game for like 2 minutes but it felt like 20.  I just shared quite a bit but I'm fed up with rude people.  So do me a favor 10 blog friends, smile and be nice to people because their day might be yuckier than yours.  Also pray I get better, I have been off work for the past five days (including the weekend) and well I feel a little better but I need to feel 110% because on Saturday I am going for my final dress fitting in Dallas.  :)

Thanks for letting ms. cranky pants rant ...

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Jeni said...

I hope you feel better soon Jen! I know just what you mean with the timing of getting sick. A couple weeks ago I started to get sick, 3 days before my second half marathon. My day off from school helped me feel a whole lot better!

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