Monday, May 9, 2011

i've been busy...

i've been super busy lately plus i've been going through a funk.  i'm overwhelmed by trying to pack up our house (we're moving in 10 days ahhh!), getting through two weeks of state testing, getting my first bad review, the overwhelming amount of thank you notes to write, plus the main reason for this post the craziness that is happening at work.

my school is a fantastic school that is closing in a few years to become an elementary school.  we have been told this for the past three years so who knows when this will really happen.  this year we had a new principal that i really had high hopes for, and today she let me down.  (that's another post soon i promise!) we have five people retiring from teaching, one of our counselors left to start a job at a another school, our tech ed guy left to take a job at the FAA, and our new principal is one of the people retiring.  awesome right?  to say that things are in turmoil is an understatement!  we have a new principal (our assistant principal, the one that isn't retiring) but he's taken some personal time off because his wife just had a new baby.  the students are out of control, the teacher's don't care, the students have spring fever, the principal isn't really there, and everyone is a bundle of nerves.  i was handling most of this okay because i was so busy trying to figure out my own life but i can't handle this anymore.  i have written a student up for 3 different things, the school secretary wrote him up the other day and we thought he was going home for the rest of the school year, but NO he was there today.  out of dress code too!  that just crushed my faith in our "amazing" principal because this student can't read, is about to go to high school but he's the principals pet, his teacher (who is a long-term sub) things he's amazing, and he's not.  he's trouble with a capital T who thinks he can get away with anything and he probably can.  we have 11 days left of school and i'm counting down.  it's so hard to get out of bed to go to my job and i used to love this job.  i still do but i'm disheartened because of the "politics" of it all, and how can you have politics in education? i know they are there but still the students shouldn't be in control. 

i'm done ranting for now because i'm watching the end of the crazy okc thunder game.  hope your end of days school year is going better!

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