Sunday, July 31, 2011

in a few hours...

i will once again be standing in my classroom meeting my new students. i am very excited for this upcoming school year to begin but at the same time i am not ready for the summer to end.  this upcoming school year is going to be very interesting due to the following:
        1. new principal (again)
        2. new assistant principals
        3. at least six new teachers (we are still hiring!)
        4. three of the new teachers are english (my department)
        5. there are five of us in our department and the other returning teacher is out         
            recovering from surgery.   
        6. i am now teaching one on grade level english class
        7. i am the yearbook advisor

i am also coaching volleyball again and still recovering from foot surgery.  please understand that i am not complaining just expressing my concern, excitement, and a bazillion other feelings.  i have the first week planned but have to tweak a few ideas so that is what i will be doing tomorrow.  i have made sure all my school clothes are ready and hanging in my closet (due to the foot surgery i only have to worry about one shoe) and spent saturday getting my hair cut, nails did, and a little pre school clothes shopping.  i mean the teacher does have to look cute too right? i will also start blogging regularly since my blog is supposed to be about teaching.  what are you most looking forward to as the summer ends and the school days begin?  


Anonymous said...

New school years can seem so overwhelming at the beginning, can't they? Especially ones with a lot of change. Hope your first week (and year!) goes by smoothly!

Shannon said...

I am really looking forward to getting to know my students through conversation and assessments to be able to give individual instruction! I am changing A LOT of the way I teach 6th grade reading/language arts and am very excited and scared about it! :)

Good luck to you this year!

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