Wednesday, October 19, 2011

fall break

i am on fall break and loving it! i will be on fall break for the next two weeks.  two weeks you might ask?  my school system decided to move towards year round schooling this year and so we started august 1 which means we get a two week fall break.  i have come to visit my parents in south carolina.  i haven't been here since my wedding in march and i love it here.  there is nothing quite like the south! i have also spent a few days of my fall break catching up on my reading and getting some work done.  i didn't bring anything to grade but i am a little behind on making lesson plans so i needed to get caught up (and move ahead) i am not behind on the lessons but i don't have everything written out the way i like it.  i'm a smidge ocd and like things color coded, organized, etc.  anyone else on fall break?

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