Monday, November 5, 2007

weekend fun

so i actually did it, i unpacked boxes and went out and was social all in one weekend. who knew i could multi-task like that? ha ha! i finally got book shelves and unpacking my books, which for those of you know me those go right up there with the shoes (which haven't been brought over from mom and dad's yet!) i also brought over most of my clothes, which wasn't as difficult as i thought seeing as how we moved them in suitcases. when i say we, i mean manuel who was fantastic and very very helpful. i helped a little, like packing the clothes and unpacking them. i carried a few things up the stairs, but well i'm delicate so manuel carried the heavy stuff plus i live on the third floor!

i went out with some friends on saturday night, yes i did say friends. let me tell you about the group that went out saturday night, my friend anna who i met at the post office. it is a very random, funny story. she moved to greenville from oklahoma, and on her first day here was at the post office, and was talking to some cute little old lady telling her she'd just moved here blah blah blah, and i heard from oklahoma so me being me i interjected. turns out she's best friends with one of my sorority sisters (one of the ones i actually liked) and now we're friends. ha ha! my friend heidi joined us and she's my new friend too. plus marc got to the token boy which i'm sure he enjoyed! ha ha! we went to this bar that actually showed the oklahoma / a&m game. anna went to tulsa, but like any good oklahoman supports the sooners too. heidi went to missouri and just came because she wanted to hang out with us! it was a lot of fun, and after dinner marc and i went downtown. downtown was fine, it was kind of dead, and i wasn't really planning on leaving the sports bar so i was wearing my ou t-shirt and jeans which really didn't bother me. lucky for everyone else i wasn't wearing a baseball hat! ha ha! i love living in greenville because i can get free rides home from the bar, i got dropped at the club and big chris graciously drove me home. there was a little bit of teasing that i needed a ride home, but i don't drink and drive so it didn't bother me.

i of course then spent sunday being lazy until manuel came back to finish building shelf number two. then went to mom and dad's for free dinner, and home again to finish unpacking some boxes. my apartment is really starting to look nice, and almost ready for guests. i will keep yall posted as to when i can have guests. it's not right now. i am going to atlanta this weekend to staff a bbyo convention! didn't we make fun of those people? when did i become one? that is all for now, as i should probably get back to work!


JR & Natalie said...

love the post! and love that you have some great new friends! but they're not as awesome as me :) you need some pics though, make it happen. love you!!

Ryan said...

what is bbyo...and who the hell is manuel?? i love you and miss you.

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