Tuesday, January 1, 2008

New Years New Me!!

Hello party people! It's been forever and a day since I've blogged and Nat reminds me of this all the time! Notice how I only start to blog again Nat while you're gone? :) So since it's 2008 and I'm about to embark on loads of changes I figure this is the best way to let everyone know what i'm up to. school starts nexts week and i'm nervous/excited! i'm ready to start this quest to become a teacher, and think that this time school will be okay for me. i hate school but this is school for something i want so hopefully i'll kick some grad. school butt. i am also giving everyone plenty of time to get their plane tickets as i will be walking across that stage! ha ha. may 2009 get ready! other changes are fat kid jen is going to start working out. i've gotten a little too chubby for my liking, and while i will never been skinny like adam i would like to be less chubby. i'm sharing this because of according to some of my research (yes i'm a nerd move on) you need to share this information so that you are more likely to keep up with this. so basically i'm sharing this with the hopes that the gym won't scare me off, and my love of being lazy won't win this time. no promises but i'm willing to try. work is work and i still dislike it but the busy season is among us so i am hoping the days will fly by. right now we've had not so busy season and some of the days have been flying by, so i'm ready for them to really fly by. well i must be off now but happy new years!!

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JR & Natalie said...

Happy new year!! Yay for the post!! Will call as soon as I get back! Love you!

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