Sunday, January 6, 2008

this stuff only happens to me

hello party people! i'm ready for this new chapter to begin in my life because well i haven't quite figured out how to get everything accomplished that i want to get accomplished and manage to be positive. it doesn't help that everyone and their mom has an opinion on what I should do. This past weekend i was in atlanta and had a blast. i went down friday night for samantha's birthday and even with minor drama managed to show the ATL some of my party loving ways. even ended the night with everyones' southern late night spot the waffle house, where sam ordered home fries which is northern for some good ole scattered hashbrowns. round two was herchelle's birthday throwdown and it involved tapas and my personal fav dancing. We went to the upstairs part of the bar we had gone to the night before to listen to an 80's/90's cover band and it was FANTASTIC! I danced on stage! (i was sober doing that too ha ha!) i then proceeded to pull a jen before meeting lizzie (friend since 5th grade) for lunch and some quality hanging out time as she's in town from la and newly engaged to a very nice guy. anywho i digress, short version i locked my car key in sam's car and when i realized this she was on a plane for la! i had to call geico and get a locksmith to let me in her car, to get my key. which is sooo a talent everyone should know. yes friends and family the time in atlanta with my friends it was well worth the $60 i had to shell out for my stupidity! tomorrow i am going to get my books for school and am kind of excited. who knew i'd be excited for getting school books? who am i? yes i know i'mfriday that i don't like nice people, and after much research (which involved me asking people) i do like nice people, but only if you've been my friend for a while otherwise i think they're annoying. i'm horrible! i think it's because i have finally decided that i don't really want to change myself for anyone because well it doesn't really work. there has been much upheaval for me this year, and some good and some not so tov (hebrew word of the day meaning good note to self) which is why 2008 is a new year new me! sorry i've been ranting/whining but a) i'm a FANTASTIC whiner, and b) this is what the blog is for so if you don't like it stop reading!


this post is belated but from Jan. 6 2008.


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JR & Natalie said...

welcome back circa two months ago :)

love you the same.

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