Sunday, January 18, 2009

81.  I'm more involved with my sorority now than when I was in college.

82.  I'm the most organized messy person you'll ever meet.

83.  My college degree is one of my most my prized possessions.

84.  Since going back to college I have forgotten how to spell.

85.  I'm officially the shortest cousin on both sides of my family now.  (first cousins only)

86.  I love the color purple and think everyone should embrace purple fun day.

87.  I have a core group of friends that I love more than anything.  

88.  Said core group of friends should love me too.

89.  I'm a mess.  I fall, trip, forget everything, (if it's not written down i've forgotten it!) 

90.  I like to call my brother daily to bother him.  (and he lets me although he doesn't always answer!) 

1 comment:

The Pettijohn's said...

you know i can never fully embrace the color purple.

just can't do it. you know that.

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