Thursday, February 19, 2009

carbs are bad but i heart them anyway

I went to the nutrition on day 2 of gym week and learned that i am very self-aware of what i'm doing is wrong.  does that stop me? no, it should but it doesn't.  i won't stop until monday because I am poor and depressed and carbs make me happy.  

carbs are bad but i love them and apparently they don't love me because i have a large tushie.  i'm becoming self-aware and will be eating more whole grains and less carbs starting monday.   

i have finished two major job applications this week and i am getting nervous!  i did the teach for america one, and always teach nola.  if you know people then tell them to hire me! i want to teach and i want a job and i want to teach.  

okay that is all for now because jwood and i are liquid highway doing hwk.  

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