Wednesday, October 7, 2009

my job..

i got an email today about the fact that i am not a certified teacher therefore my pay is being reduced to sub pay and i only have twenty days to get my sh*t together.

i think that it is not me that needs to get my sh*t together! i am a certified teacher! i went today to the state department during my planning and lunch periods and started the process to become provisionally certified. i worked so hard for this and while each day is a struggle I LOVE MY JOB! my kids are unique human beings and well i will not leave them and they can't have my job. i know things will work out but the first thing i thought of wasn't the pay loss (shocking i know!) but the fact that someone else would get my classroom. i have worked to make my classroom bright and cheerful and to show my students they can achieve anything in life.

do you like your job? is it your dream job? two of my students asked me today if i could go back and change things would i choose another job? i told them the truth it's always been my dream to become a teacher. i come home exhausted and have already been sick once this lovely cold/flu season but it's worth it.

it's also worth it when i'm trying to discipline my class and i can't stop laughing at them. i have a love/hate relationship with my 7th period students. they are loud, obnoxious, out of control, and kind of funny. it doesn't help with the following factors, end of the day, 30 kids, some kids that have temper problems (we've already had one fight) and quite a few immature 7th grade boys. it's been an interesting battle that i am going to win. i was trying to tell my students today about their pre-test they had to take and they were making me laugh too hard. i know i am supposed to be mean, strict, etc but how can i when seriously these kids are hilarious. i mean dudes i have a kid named lincoln abraham! how fantastic is that? he was gone for a few days but he's back now and while he can be annoying at times it's good to have him back. now if i could just get some teaching done in this class i'd be golden!

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