Friday, October 2, 2009


so apparently i didn't atone enough because i came back from a wonderful worldwind of a trip home to greenville only to get sick!

i have spent the past three days out of work and while you'd think that would be great this is just the beginning of the school year! i am already behind with my students but this just means no surprise pretest on monday. ha ha! i'm an evil teacher i know but we keep switching things around and i HAVE to give them the pretest.

have i mentioned lately i love love love teaching? my kids are trying but i still love love love it! i am so happy that i didn't quit on this dream of mine. i love living in oklahoma (but still miss home!) i have a wonderful new boyfriend and a fantastic new apartment. things are looking up but i'm still poor thank you graduate school. i haven't worked for over two years and have quite a bit to make up for it but it's okay everything works out!

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