Thursday, December 24, 2009

germs = 50 jen = 0

i am sick again! I was healthy for all of two weeks and then came home. while my family is out showing david how awesome greenville is. i am stuck at home in bed because i feel like a 450 lb person is sitting on my chest. oh how i love my life! i know this will get better but sick on vacation? i need to get better so i can play with david's nieces and nephew when we go to h-town on the 31st!

at least i'm at home and my mom can take care of me? ha ha i do better when left alone to wallow in my sickiness which is what i'll be doing for the next few days!

merry christmas to my christmas celebrating friends and see you at the movies to my jewish friends! :)

1 comment:

KAC said...

ugh I hope you feel better!!

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