Wednesday, December 23, 2009

tuesday's to-do's!

so i feel like i should share my to-do list with yall while i'm on vacation. i love to-do lists! i love lists in general there is something so wonderful about crossing items off. they say to destress that your to-do list's shouldn't be super long but i don't think that should matter. i make my to-do list a weekly thing instead of a daily thing so now on tuesday's we will have the tuesday to-do's.
1. finally grade the stack of papers i brought home!
2. pick up my fabulous boyfriend in clt!
3. have lunch with an old work friend
4. finish one of my many books i brought home to read
5. proof a friend's personal statement for law school
6. start my lesson plans for next semester so i can FINALLY be on the ball
7. manicure/pedicure i need a little me time!
8. meet my hopefully new dog
9. catch up on some movies at the movie theatre
10. enjoy my time at home with my family.

i'm sure i could add more or even take away a few things but those are my plans for the week. i can't wait to show david my hometown. i also can't wait to get better! once again i have caught a cold that won't go away. all i can say is that this time next year i better not have gotten as sick as i did this year! being a first year teacher sucks for those with a poor immune system to begin with. oops! too bad i love my job!

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