Saturday, December 19, 2009

Classroom ramblings

so the other day a student asked if he could get a drink of water before the bell rang, I said sure because it was 2 minutes before the bell was going to ring. said student never came back, the sad part it took me a good 15 minutes to realize he was gone because he's in ISS so much!

two days later same student asked if he could use the restroom my response was brilliant i think "if you think you're leaving my class again think again buddy!" i find myself funny and hopefully you will too.

i also was speaking with a student about if they were learning anything because i feel like i haven't taught anything important all year and his response was that they weren't speaking slang as much. i figured i'll take what i can get plus i haven't heard ain't as much in my classroom the past few weeks. i have heard that ain't is in the dictionary and i told them not in mine so it's not in theirs.

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