Saturday, December 19, 2009

Odds & Ends

The past few months have been pretty amazing, yes there have been some trials and tribulations but some amazing things have come from them. After all this time last year I was living at home with my parents, unemployed, graduate student in the middle/finishing up finals with no job security in sight.

Now I am living on my own, (fantastic apartment!), have an amazing job, have an amazing boyfriend (yes I will be that girl!) and instead of taking the finals I can now give them. I didn't give a final on Friday but I probably should have. Why you might think? There was a fight in my second period class. Considering it's only the second one of the school year I feel like I'm doing an okay job with classroom management. I do teach middle school after all.

I am writing this from home in good ole South Carolina and while it's colder here than in Oklahoma it's very nice to be home. I left in such a rush this past August that I feel like I didn't get to say a proper good-bye to my hometown. I am home for winter break and because my daddy is having surgery on Monday. I don't care what your religious beliefs are but please pray for my daddy on Monday. I am a daddy's little girl through and through and am a teensy bit freaked out but what will be going on Monday. It doesn't help that my brubba won't be here but he was told not to come, and I will be with Mom and Grams all afternoon at the hospital. I am not sure that will make me calm. Did I mention I have really really bad anxiety and my medication is somewhere between Atlanta and Greenville because Delta lost my bag?

I am a very nervous person (too much time with the jewish grandma) and well I'm one of the millions of people who are medicated for anxiety. Does it work? Somewhat I don't freak out as much, I don't cry as much, I don't pace as much, and new people don't freak me out as much. Which is odd considering I love talking to strangers but the internal pep talk I have to give myself is a little much.

I will post more tomorrow but I owe my seven blog followers a post and since I can't sleep there is no time like the present.

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