Thursday, December 31, 2009

where i've been and where i'm going

ten years ago where were you?
i was in atlanta spending new years with my friends! we were seniors in high school and ready to move out of our parents homes and start college. i had already been accepted to the fantastic university of oklahoma (boomer!), i was working as a hostess (and hating it!), getting ready to move into a new house with my parents, and ready to start my new life in oklahoma as a college girl.

with that being said where will i be in 2010? what kind of resolutions do i have? i only have a few actually and they are as follows.
  1. to spend 15 minutes an evening cleaning up whatever mess i have made in my apt
  2. to take forrest for walks most evenings
  3. to blog more it's very freeing
  4. to get my grading done on time
  5. to say thank you more
that's if for now. what are your resolutions? where were you ten years ago?

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