Monday, January 4, 2010

home sweet home

i made it home from my trips to south carolina and houston to a messy apartment! i had left in such a rush that i had clean laundry in one room and dirty in the other (i live in a one bedroom apt!) the good news is though i made good on my cleaning and spent a while cleaning my kitchen. i had to throw out some food that had gone bad while i was away. i rearranged the placement of a few things and worked on getting the grease off the burner. so i figure that gives me 20 points seeing as how i didn't come straight home from the airport.

i went to see my college roommate who was in town. love her! then i went to pick up my younger cousins because their parents were out of town and we spent the afternoon together. well worth it i must say. i love spending time with them! i've been babysitting them almost ten years.
i start school tomorrow but apparently part of my grading is in the boyfriends bag from the flights. oops! i packed both of us and forgot that he had two piles of my grading and i had one. i might have to go to norman to get it or i might not. depends on what is it. i am not surprised it's very standard that i would do something like that.

are you a flighty person? i swear since becoming a teacher if it's not written down it won't get done. i've got a million things running through my head at the end of a day, weekend that i can't remember what someone said ten minutes ago. i mean i think i had this problem before i started teaching but teaching has made it worse.

well happy monday!

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