Monday, January 25, 2010

Alexander and his horrible, no good, very bad day...

today was the first day since receiving my job that i wanted to quit. this year has been a year of being flexible with my lesson plans which is fine. i'm a first year teacher nothing i do is set in stone, but i'm now on my third program of what i'm supposed to be teaching. those of you in the teaching world might understand what my two previous programs were voyager, navigator (ACT america's choice program) and now the genre section of the ACT america's choice to help out the core teachers. i am not a core teacher i am the enhancement teacher which means i help the kids get a second dose of what they are doing in the regular english class. well today was a HORRIBLE lesson day. the genre section (which is basically a bunch of writing) has to do with writing a proposal. ok sounds simple right? no no no no. part of it is that i am not sure my kids understand what i was asking and part of it was i am not sure of what i'm asking. with the genre study the students were supposed to have finished some other part that they are learning in the core class so i feel like i'm missing something huge.

i tried to get my lesson across 5 different ways and NONE of them worked. i did a different type of lesson for each class but sixth period had to write sentences. i hate having them write sentences but they were warned to shut their mouths while i was talking to another teacher. not kosher! i truly love my job but don't quite understand what to do and to make matters worse we had a team meeting today and well i'm more confused than ever. i was told to write a referral no more second chances, lunch detentions, etc for some kids so i finally wrote a referral and am told to call his mama. i normally call parents like it's nobody's business but i haven't had time lately because i've been so far behind. i want to get caught up and get my lessons going but i can't seem to motivate myself. anyone else have this problem?

tomorrow is library day so we will spend the day there. i enjoy library day but wish my students enjoyed reading more. they told me it was boring and as i explained to them i don't understand that. i love reading! books are my kryptonite and it drives boyfriend crazy. i live in a one bedroom apartment and have about six shelves of books. he he! i should invest in a kindle, sony reader but there is something about a book that just makes me happy. speaking of books the book i just read that was featured on silent sunday was interesting. it is about a 17 year old boy and his drug dealing ways. my students wanted to read it aloud when we finish a child called it but i don't know about this one. they picked to read a child called it and the room is SILENT when we read that so okay.

sorry for the venting but i had a rough day and writing it all out works for me!

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Caroline said...

Vent away! We all have our days! Yesterday I had soo many discipline problems I about strangled someone! Luckily today I had great kids! Everyday as a teacher is completely different from the one before! Hang in there, your first year is almost behind you! ;)

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