Thursday, January 28, 2010

snow day part deux

I will admit that last night I felt like I was a little kid again watching the school closings and then again at 7 when I woke up I was happily surprised to find out we'd been cancelled. Does this mean I'll probably have to stay a few extra days at the end of the year? Yes, am I bothered by this? Not so much! I don't really do ice, cold, or snow very well so I'm quite content to stay in my warm apartment while the world around me is freezing.

I spent this morning listening to the sleet, grading some papers, and sleeping. I slept most of the day away which means I was exhausted? I think I will do the same thing tomorrow but I have two goals of putting away my laundry. I love clean clothes, I love laundry but putting laundry away is not my strong suit. oops! What is one of your weaknesses?

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