Saturday, March 13, 2010

lazy saturday....

spring break started for me yesterday at 5 pm and so far so good... I had scheduled a massage because I expected my students to be crazy and I was quasi-correct. They were all crazy but 7th period my craziest was pretty good. I had them watch a documentary called Paperclips, and it was okay.

the best part about today is that i have FINALLY been able to catch up on my tivo and be lazy. I have LOVED it. I have also been decluttering a few things again but I feel that's a never ending process and won't end until I move out of a one bedroom apartment. i am enjoying the ability to lay around and do nothing because it won't last long. i am going to visit my parents on tuesday and while i can't wait, i have to do some sorority stuff while i'm there. i love my sorority and i'm super excited to see the girls but it's spring break and i had plans to lay around and be lazy so for the next few days i'm going to be lazy...

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