Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The past few spring breaks....

Caroline over at Pink Champagne did a look back at her previous spring breaks and I have chosen to do the same.

Freshman Year of College (2001) I met my cousin and her friends in Myrtle Beach, and it was freezing! This was pre-digital cameras for me so no photos...

The next year I went to Panama City with three of my friends one being Hudson's Mommy and well those pictures aren't suitable for the public to view... :)

Junior year I went home and ended up with an all-access pass, and backstage pass to the Kenny Chesney tour. It was a blast. Note the photo below..

I loved spring break while in college and that doesn't change any bit now that I'm teacher. I NEED spring break as a teacher ha ha!

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Jordan said...

just got your comment! i actually havent gotten my kindle yet -- my parents agreed to buy it for me if i behaved for the next few weeks :) i will let you know as soon as i do! feel free to email me if you have more questions -- jordanmarisasilverman@gmail.com

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